"Let me be clear: I support Keystone XL". -Justin Trudeau “Every single progressive in North America is opposed to Keystone XL. Justin Trudeau cannot call himself a progressive for backing that project. Period. Full stop."
-Thomas Mulcair
“It’s an important driver of the economy and we have to respect it”
-Justin Trudeau

"[Keystone XL] is an atrocity and a threat to our future”
-Al Gore
“[Keystone XL is] one of the most important projects of our generation”
-Justin Trudeau
“I believe what’s going on now is criminal, our activity, because it’s a crime against future generations”
-David Suzuki
"My support for Keystone XL is steadfast." -Justin Trudeau
"Keystone XL is a special interest boondoggle.”
-Van Jones
"There’s not a country in the world that would find 170 billion barrels of oil under the ground and leave them there." -Justin Trudeau
“...the Alberta tar sands ‘the most environmentally destructive project on the planet."
-Montana Environmental Information Center
Check out the list that was banned by BuzzFeed: 10 Oil Spills that look like Justin Trudeau’s Hair

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