10 Oil Spills That Look Like Prime Minister-Elect Justin Trudeau's Hair

This list was originally published on BuzzFeed, but was removed without explanation. We've republished it here in all it's glory.

Canadian Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau's Hair is as slick and unmanageable as a shimmering pool of oil, you know, the kind of oil that we'll see spilling out of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline he loves so much. It's a match made in oil company lobbyist heaven.

1. His curls lap against his smooth forehead like waves of oil lap up on pristine beaches.

2. We can blame his unfortunate facial hair only as much as we can blame offshore oil fires for emitting pounds of CO2 into the air.

3. Whatever you do, don't look directly into the oil tsunami crashing over his eyes.

4. For your consideration, the BP Oil Spill, or JT's hair, as it would look superimposed on Southern England.

5. Don't be fooled, neither Justin Trudeau's locks or a Tar Sands tailings pond are as striking as they initially appear.

6. Alberta has a lot of things going for it… but there's at least two things it could do without.

7. What's brown, shiny, and seeps out of a broken pipe?

8. We call it "The Big Red Catastrophe."

9. That's not VO5 hot oil.

10. Look at that mane! That's the kind of volume a Canadian Sea Otter could really get lost in.